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Why the Slipcover Certification Program?

The Slipcover Professional Certification Program is designed for those who are starting business or have been in business to have the knowledge of the most professional way to fabricate a slipcover for furniture.

This 3 Level "proficiency program" will help to make certain, a professional is running their business in a timely fashion, from basic office management, advertising, marketing to actually cutting and sewing the slipcover in an organized manner.

With the guidance of "peer mentors" one will complete six basic slipcovers, six projects for difficult furniture, and will explore plus master at least six methods of the eight slipcover techniques practiced.

"Knowledge is no good kept to oneself", a true professional will be encouraged to participate in Instructor Training, write articles, participate and teach at Slipcover Events, plus peer mentor others in training to become a Master Slipcover Professional.

Upon completion of the Slipcover Professional Certification process, a participant will be listed on the Slipcover Network Directory at no charge, with a notation as a Certified Slipcover Professional next to the business listing.

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Sheree from Alaska took the Slipcover Dining and Side Chair class at HFU Online. She worked on her own, with support in the Online Class to complete three different slipcovers.

sheree sm

Learning to stitch slipcovers for cushions is an important skill when slipcovering.

cushion success

Students were very sucessful during a class at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in 2010.

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Network with other professionals and mentors in the business of Slipcovering furniture. 


Take classes and work towards your certification at home, online, or anywhere in the USA and Canada.


Robin taking a class at ETA California in 2010.